Should you get an inspection on a new build home?

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Should you get an inspection on a new build home?

You just bought a brand new home; you went to the design center and picked out all the flooring, faucets, sinks, paint, etc. The perfect lot has been picked, and you are already brainstorming on backyard designs.

Now you just have to sit back and wait for the builder updates and your closing day to arrive. You don’t have to worry about anything else, right?

Before you answer the question, think about the following:

  • Who did you sign a contract with?
  • Who is building your home?
  • Does that company work for you or for themselves?

    These are pretty simple questions, but most will get #3 wrong. The builder protects themselves and is in business for themselves. That 20-30 page contract you signed when you bought the house states that the builder represents themselves and not you.
    To be fair, most of Arizona’s builders have great reputations and go above and beyond to take care of their customers. However, people make mistakes, and superintendents cannot always be there to watch every single trade when they are building 200 – 300 homes a year.

Over the years, I have personally bought 10 new builds and have assisted over 15 clients in purchasing their new builds.

Every single one of my clients has been educated on why to get an inspection, when, and how.

Every single one of my clients has had issues in inspections that the builder had to repair. Not all were major issues, but some could have caused serious problems with plumbing and electrical after the house was built.
Your house will be one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Take the time to get an inspection and protect it.

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