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Create Your Own Man Cave or She Shed

Not sure what to do with that extra room, completed basement or external space on your property? A “man cave” or “she shed” could be the ultimate addition to your home.

An enhanced man cave or she shed allows you or guests to kick back and relax, transforming an unused space into a central hub, especially if you include these must-haves.

Quality entertainment system: Make sure your space has modern entertainment offerings. If you’re a TV or movie fan, make sure you include a sizeable screen so you can enjoy your media.  If you’re a music fan, proper sound or stereo system is a must.

Warm lighting: Don’t settle for basic overhead bulbs. Invest in proper fixtures with ambient fade lighting, and don’t look past other accents like table lamps and uplighting.

Activity space: Whether you love games or crafts, having space dedicated to these hobbies is a great addition. Consider including game tables, like billiards or foosball, or a creative craft nook to allow your interests to take center stage in the space.

Beverage storage: Invest in a proper mini fridge with a glass door or, even better, a mini cart. If you have the space, a minibar is sure to impress.

Comfortable seating: Forego the old couch and recliners for contemporary furniture to give your space a more refined look. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a leather sectional and a stylish armchair or two. Your guests will take notice!