Understanding the Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ

Understanding the Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ Featured Image
Credit: Image by InboundREM | Source

Credit: Image by inboundREM | Source

Chandler, Arizona, is a part of the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro area and is considered an average US city.

The city’s overall cost of living index is 15% above the national average. It may indicate that living expenses in Chandler are expensive compared to other cities in the state.

However, this can still be affected by several factors, which we will discuss in detail throughout this article to help you familiarize yourself with the typical expenses and to help you manage your finances effectively.

Overview of Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ

Overview of Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ

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The cost of living in Chandler, AZ, includes expenses for housing, food, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and other miscellaneous goods and services. As of August 2023, Chandler’s current cost index on different categories is as follows:

Cost of Living CategoryCost of Living Index
Food and Groceries99

In terms of income, you can have a minimum wage in Chandler, Arizona, for $13.85 per hour. Meanwhile, other income and expense information are listed below for your reference:

CategoryCost of Living Index
Median Household Income$91,299
Median Income for an Individual$49,044

Below are the expected average monthly expenses you will have when living in Chandler, depending on whether you are single or married with children:

CategorySingleMarried with Children
Housing (rent/mortgage)$7,333$11,295
Food and Groceries$5,705$11,562

Housing Expenses

Housing Expenses

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Housing is a big part of the cost of living in Chandler, AZ, with a COL index of 138.1. The real estate market of Chandler has seen a steady increase in prices during the past years, with many homebuyers buying and making the market more competitive.

However, the trend has started to slow down in recent months, which can be attributed to rising mortgage rates that make homes expensive, causing home inventory in the city to increase slightly.

Despite the cooling off, I still expect that home prices in Chandler will be above the national average.

Chandler, AZ, housing market offers a wide range of homes for sale, for as low as $46,900 to more than the $5.5 million price point.

Here is the overview of the housing market in Chandler, AZ:

The average home value and median listing price in Chandler are approximately $511,389, while the average home value based on home size or bed count is as follows:

Bed CountAverage Home Value
1-Bedroom $254,845
4+ Bedroom$613,646

Meanwhile, renting in Chandler provides affordable options that suit different lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. You will find several rental properties across the city, from apartments to townhomes or condos to single-family homes!

The median rent in Chandler, AZ, is $2,350. However, this still varies depending on the location, size, and amenities the property offers, but usually, you will find the rental rate between $1,100 and $12,528.

Here is the detailed data of the average rental rate you can expect in Chandler, AZ:

Bed CountAverage RentPrice Range
1-Bedroom$1,390$1,170 - $1,600
2-Bedroom$2,000$1,600 - $2,500
3-Bedroom$2,270$1,950 - $3,140
4+ Bedroom$2,790$2,230 - $12,528

Transportation Costs

Transportation expenses in Chandler cost more than the national average, with a cost of living index of 112. It is primarily driven by the fees for registering your vehicle with car insurance rates that are typically costly.

You can still travel around the city even if you don’t have a car, thanks to Chandler’s extensive network of public transit alternatives, which includes ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, and conventional taxis.

Daily bus service is provided by Valley Metro, with a long list of routes that cover the Greater Phoenix area. Chandler, Arizona, has several lines that link up with the Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa METRO light rail, making it convenient to travel from the city to other areas in the state.

Below is the breakdown of the average transportation costs in Chandler:

TransportationAverage Cost
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$2
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$122
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$3
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)$1.37

Utilities and Services

Utilities and Services

Utility cost in Chandler is 1% higher than the national average, having a COL index of 101.6. Your utility expenses usually cover essential services, such as electricity, water, heating, cooling, garbage collection, and gas.

Below is the summary of average costs you might have in terms of utility when living in Chandler, AZ:

UtilityAverage Cost
Basic Utility Bills (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage)$254.47
Internet Plan$79.16
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan$48.67

The city of Chandler provides helpful billing and payment information and potential outside agency assistance on its government website.

Groceries and Dining

Groceries and Dining

Having a COL index of 99, Chandler’s food and groceries cost is below the national average. Here are the current average price of grocery items in Chandler, AZ:

Grocery ItemsAverage Cost
Milk (1 Liter)$1.59
Water (1 Liter)$2
Soft drinks$2.24
Bottle of Wine$9.50
Rice (1 Kg)$2.40
1 Dozen of Egg$4
Local Cheese$9
Loaf of Bread$3.35
Chicken Breast (1 Kg)$9
Red Meat$13.36
Fruits and Vegetables$1.41 to $5
Toiletry Items$2 to $7

Aside from going to grocery stores, dining outside can be inevitable. Worry not because Chandler has many dining options, from traditional cuisines to local breweries and international fares.

Your dining expenses can vary, as Chandler provides several alternatives you can choose from, ranging from budget-friendly to upscale diners.

If you are planning to dine out often, here is a list of average costs you may spend, depending on the restaurant you choose:

EstablishmentAverage Cost
Inexpensive Restaurant$18
Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course$67
Fast Food Restaurant$10
Beer in Pub$6


Food is not the only thing that makes living in Chandler exciting. You need some fun and active lifestyle too!

Chandler, AZ, has a thriving selection of entertainment to choose from. Your expenses depend on your activity, your preferred place, and how often you go out.

Parks and nature reserves where you can trail, hike, picnic, and view nature can be affordable or free. For history enthusiasts, some museums in Chandler also offer free admission.

To give you more idea, here are the average costs you might spend in terms of recreation and entertainment in Chandler, AZ:

EntertainmentAverage Cost
Cinema Ticket$10.5
Monthly Fee for Fitness Club$18.33
Sport Courts Rent$13.57



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Students have several schools and universities to choose from in and around Chandler. The cost varies, depending on whether you attend a public or private school and the course or program you wish to take. Some public charter schools also offer education with free tuition fees.

The average cost for a college student in Chandler is about $2,070 if you live in the state and $14,872 if you’re from another state.

It is more expensive than the national average of $6,963 for in-state students and $12,914 for out-of-state students as of 2023.

The cost that in-state students pay per credit hour is around $85, while out-of-state students pay $396.

Healthcare Cost

Healthcare Cost

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Another important factor is the health expenses contributing to Chandler, AZ’s cost of living. The city’s healthcare cost is below the national average, with a COL index of 92.5.

Below are the average expenses related to healthcare when you are living in Chandler, AZ:

CategoryAverage Cost
Doctor Visit$100
Dentist Visit$65
Optometrist Visit$110
Prescription Drug$430
Veterinary Visit$55
Understanding the Cost of Living in Chandler, AZ

Final Thoughts

Chandler is a relatively average city, offering a high quality of life. Most cost of living factors can be expensive, but there are also affordable aspects you can take advantage of.

You can expect to pay more on housing, utilities, and transportation, which are above the national average. Meanwhile, food, healthcare, education, and other miscellaneous expenses are relatively affordable.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of living in Chandler depends on your circumstances and income. So, conducting your research before making any financial decisions is highly advised.

To help you know your options, you may talk to a professional realtor with extensive knowledge of the local market of Chandler, AZ. Hiring the expertise of real estate agents will save you the hassle of dealing with many information and other legal matters.

Our team consists of seasoned realtors committed to providing only the best to our clients. You may schedule an appointment with us so we can discuss this further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare cost in Chandler is below the national average but can still vary widely, depending on the type of medical services, insurance coverage, and the healthcare provider.

The average rent in Chandler, AZ, as of 2023 for all property types and sizes is $2,350.

The amount you should put for the utility budget depends on your household size. If you are single, you have to allocate at least $4,034 on your monthly utility budget, while approximately $6,730 if you are married with children.

Yes! Chandler, AZ, has a wide range of budget-friendly entertainment options. Several beautiful parks and outdoor spaces invite hiking, trailing, or picnicking and have playgrounds for children.

The city’s cultural scene, like art galleries, local theaters, and museums, often have affordable prices or even provide free admission. Chandler also boasts a vibrant downtown area with shops, dining, and entertainment options!

Chandler does offer affordable transportation options, primarily operated by Valley Metro. Eligible passengers can get a discount or free ride. Aside from public transportation, Chandler also provides dedicated bike lanes, making cycling another option for short trips.

Chandler, AZ, is considered an average place to live. Although its overall cost of living is above the national average, it is still considered affordable compared to similar cities in the country. Yet, it can be more expensive, too, when compared to other cities in Arizona.