Your Comprehensive Guide to Moving to Chandler, AZ

Your Comprehensive Guide to Moving to Chandler, AZ Featured Image

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Searching for a new place can be challenging for many, but it is a new journey filled with excitement and hope. If you have yet to decide which city to consider, try to explore Chandler, the fourth-largest city in Arizona.

Named the “All-America City” by the National Civic League, Chandler offers diverse residential neighborhoods with a vibrant downtown, retail centers, restaurants, new parks, coffee shops, a thriving economy, and a wide array of events and entertainment, which makes it an ideal place whether you are professionals, a family, single, or retiree.

Sit back and read on to know the life in Chandler and what to expect to help you prepare when moving to Chandler, AZ.

A Brief History of Chandler

A Brief History of Chandler

The history of Chandler dates back to 1880, with Delaware, Cherokee, and Kickapoo Indians living in the area. Chandler began to be a town when Dr. Alexander John Chandler, the first animal doctor in Arizona, bought 80 acres of land near Mesa in 1891.

By the turn of the century, he had a big ranch of 18,000 acres. With the help of architects, Dr. Chandler split up his ranch into smaller pieces and made a map for a new town. He advertised the land for sale all around the country, and lots of people came to buy it.

At that time, the town of Chandler had just three simple wooden buildings: an office, a dining hall, and the Morrison Grocery. Dr. Chandler wants a lovely park in the middle of town, surrounded by shops with covered walkways in front of them.

He also said people had to build on their land within a year, and within that one year, Chandler started looking like a real town. They built businesses around the park, including a bank and a train station.

Furthermore, agriculture was the leading business in Chandler back then. They grew cotton, grains, and other crops. People even raised ostriches for their fancy feathers.

Later on, cotton became the most important crop, especially during World War I, when they needed it for making things like tires and airplane materials.

By 1920, Chandler had more than 1,000 people, and it was when they officially voted to become the town of Chandler. Dr. Chandler agreed to be the first mayor until they could choose a new one but soon elected a mayor and council.

During World War II, the town grew more, and Chandler’s population doubled, reaching 3,800 in 1950. Dr. Chandler passed away that year, too, and in 1954, the town became an official city.

Over the years, Chandler expanded its borders, and more people made the city their home. The economy changed, too, and people in the area now have an excellent quality of life.

While farming is still important, manufacturing and electronics have become significant parts of the city nowadays. The city’s old downtown stores were fixed to make it look like they did long ago. The park in the middle of town was redesigned and named after Dr. Chandler.

New modern establishments sprout the area, offering residents arts centers, new parks, restaurants, and shops.

Housing and Real Estate

When relocating to a particular area, housing is definitely one of the most important things to consider. When moving to Chandler, AZ, you can choose between buying or renting a home.

The housing market in Chandler has experienced strong demand over the last few years, resulting in increased home values in the city’s real estate market.

Aside from the strong demand for houses, another factor contributing to the city’s costs of homes is the rising mortgage rates in recent months.

However, affordable housing in Chandler, AZ, is still available despite the rising prices of homes. The city remains desirable for many due to its economy, amenities, schools, and local services.

Homes for sale in Chandler, AZ, typically range from $45,000 to $3.5 million. Despite the rising prices, luxury houses in Chandler offer affordable alternatives compared to the Scottsdale area, situated just 18 miles away.

If you are looking for luxury homes in a quaint neighborhood or master-planned community in the Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler Metropolitan area, Chandler stands out as an ideal choice. You can find luxury homes in the city for about $1.9 million to more than $4 million.

The houses we are talking about in Chandler and Scottsdale are about the same size and look, and on top of luxury houses, you’ll also get to enjoy upscale amenities across the city.

Renting offers a flexible and convenient living option if you don’t plan to purchase a house yet.

The city offers several apartment complexes and communities that cater to different preferences and budgets. You can also find furnished apartments in Chandler, AZ, but remember that this kind of apartment comes with higher rent than typical apartments.

Rent prices in Chandler are higher than the national average, with rental rates ranging between $875 to $12,590, with a median rent of $2,350 as of August 2023. Here is a detailed breakdown of rent prices in Chandler, AZ:

Apartment Bed TypePrice Range
Studio$1,525 to $2,851
1 Bedroom$1,299 to $5,244
2 Bedrooms$1,434 to $6,314
3 Bedrooms$1,440 to $9,590

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The crime rate in Chandler is lower than the national average. But that doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. Property crimes and theft are the top crimes that happen across the city.

The violent crime rate is 13.2, approximately 9% lower than the national average of 22.7. On the other hand, the property crime rate in Chandler is 34.1, which is also lower compared to the national average of 35.4.

Job Market and Opportunities

Job Market and Opportunities

Chandler has a thriving economy. So, one of the good things about moving to the city is the opportunity to explore several job prospects. The city is progressive, and innovation is a big part of Chandler’s culture and heritage.

It makes Chandler an excellent place for businesses of all sizes, from industry leaders to small start-up businesses. The city has been focusing on technology, and many electronic manufacturers are moving to the area.

With that, as long as you have the skills a company is looking for, you can find jobs in Chandler, AZ, whether full-time or part-time employment.

Some of the top companies to work for in Chandler are ASML Holding, Microchip Technology, and Fugro.

Chandler’s government website also lists government jobs in case you are interested in joining the city’s public sector.

The average salary in Chandler ranges between $47,667 to $71,260. Here’s a simple breakdown of the expected average pay for an average job in Chandler:

Time-Based MeasurementAverage Pay

Healthcare Facilities

Another vital aspect to consider when moving to Chandler, AZ, is its healthcare industry.

The city provides easy access to top-notch healthcare services, as seen with the city’s many local hospitals and medical facilities. These healthcare facilities boast the latest technologies and treatments to meet the health needs of Chandler residents.

From emergency trauma care to preventative medicine, you will find several excellent hospitals in Chandler, including Regional Medical Center, Arizona Orthopedic and Surgical Specialty Hospital, and Banner Health Center.

The average healthcare expense in Chandler is around $6,133, slightly higher than the Arizona average of $5,983. Families with children can expect an average yearly cost of approximately $16,888 for child care.

Companies engaged in medical research and development that have a presence in Chandler, AZ, include the following:

Education and Schools

Education and Schools

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Chandler has several stellar educational institutions that provide top-notch learning opportunities. It is considered one of Arizona’s most highly-rated public school systems.

57% of students in Chandler are proficient in math, and 59% are proficient in reading, which is a major draw for families with school-aged kids.

Parents can send their children to one of the many highly-regarded schools supervised by the Chandler Unified School District, which offers outstanding educational programs and prioritizes the academic achievement of all its learners.

Here are some of the best schools in Chandler, AZ:

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Higher Education

Transportation and Commuting

Transportation and Commuting

It is easy to get around in Chandler. The Valley Metro is Chandler’s leading bus and rail transportation, which provides a wide array of bus and rail routes throughout the metropolitan Phoenix region.

Many routes within Chandler are linked to the METRO light rail system, going to Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.

For individuals with ADA paratransit certification due to disabilities or seniors aged 65 and above, Valley Metro offers a specialized transportation service called RideChoice.

One key advantage RideChoice provides to Chandler’s residents is its expanded network of rideshare transportation providers. They also collaborate with platforms like Uber, taxicabs, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. The broader range of choices aims to enhance the convenience and flexibility of transportation for eligible users in the city.

For domestic and international flights, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA) are easily accessible from Chandler, located about 20 minutes from the city.

Autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, are also cool to see around the city! Chandler has been part of WayMo’s testing of its autonomous fleet of vehicles since 2017, and everyone can call for a ride through WayMo’s public-facing app. WayMo even comes with a car seat for kids!

However, despite Chandler’s convenient transportation, the population growth that the city experienced over the past year has increased traffic, as there are more vehicles now than ever.

Those who work outside the city, or even those who have to get home after a day at the office inside Chandler, will have longer commutes. On average, commuting to work for anyone living in Chandler is 25 minutes.

Dining and Cuisine

Chandler’s dining scene is rich and diverse, featuring many restaurants ranging from traditional American cuisine to international delights and local breweries.

When you explore each neighborhood of Chandler, you can find a mix of modern and traditional dining. Furthermore, restaurants in Chandler are constantly changing and evolving, so you will discover new cafes, gastropubs, and small diners around the area.

To give you an idea, here are some restaurants worth trying:

Dining Restaurants

Located at the Historic Downtown Chandler, this restaurant serves delicious menus with contemporary American, Asian, Italian, and Spanish flavors.

Their menus provide tasty Mediterranean food. Green Corner’s menu includes seasoned meats, salads, entrees, soups, sandwiches, desserts, drinks, and dips.

Here, you will enjoy their made-from-scratch wood-fired pizza that uses local and organic ingredients from local farms like McClendon’s Farms.

International Cuisines

Located at the Historic Downtown Chandler, this restaurant serves delicious menus with contemporary American, Asian, Italian, and Spanish flavors.

It is a Korean-Japanese restaurant located at North Dobson Road. You can select from their bento specials, tempuras, pancakes, fried chicken, sushi and sashimi, hot stone entrees, and other Korean and Japanese specialties. They are particularly known for their bulgogi hot stones!

Kid Friendly Restaurants

Are you looking for a good breakfast or brunch? Hangar Cafe is an ideal spot for families with kids. Their menus range from appetizers, soups, salads, and sandwiches to burgers.

As a unique feature, you can see planes taking off and landing at Chandler Municipal Airport while enjoying your breakfast!

Offering fresh and healthy food options, Pita Jungle is a must-visit if you are looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Chandler.

Kids can choose from classic favorites, such as mac and cheese and red quinoa, to healthier options made with vegetables, protein, and fruits.

They also provide coloring books to keep the kids entertained while eating. Adults can try their gyros and wood-fired burgers as well!


Located in Downtown Chandler, this brewery and pub offer 30 craft beers and a selection of Perch beers. You can also enjoy their pub grubs, pies, pizzas, burgers, dips, soups, salads, and more after visiting their collection of brightly colored tropical rescue birds.

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash

Chandler is rich in art, culture, and entertainment for all ages.

To dive deep into Chandler’s rich history, culture, and people, visit the Chandler Museum. The Tumbleweed Ranch is another must-visit place that features an outdoor learning environment, a historic home, a historic grocery store, and antique agricultural equipment.

Other must-visit art galleries and museums in Chandler are the following:

You can also have fun at casinos, listen to indoor and outdoor concerts, visit farms, go hiking while enjoying the city’s panoramic views, and even play golf at upscale resorts!

Going to city events and festivals after moving to Chandler, AZ, is also a must-try! Chandler also has many exciting and fun festivals and events throughout the year.

Chandler residents honor the city’s early ostrich ranching history every March by celebrating the Ostrich Festival. The event features family-friendly activities, entertainment, carnival rides, and concerts.

On July 4th, Chandler celebrates Independence Day with many family-friendly activities to participate in. There’s also a pyrotechnic show during the evening concert.

The City of Chandler also hosts a Multicultural Festival featuring performances like ballet folklorico, K-pop, bhangra, and more.

There’s also an Innovation Festival to promote STEM learning. When you need to recharge after these fun events, many local shops and food vendors are available.

In terms of nightlife, you have several options across the city, from grabbing drinks with friends to a fun place to bring your date to local nightclubs.

Here are some places to visit to enjoy the night at Chandler:

In this western-themed bar and grill, you can dance the night away with live music while enjoying their flavorful food menus and drinks.

This bar and bottle shop offers craft beer and wine by the glass in Downtown Chandler.

QuartHaus is an ideal place to hang out with your friends, offering various beers and wine in an inviting setting.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Moving to Chandler, AZ


Moving to a new place can be challenging and stressful. You have a lot of factors to consider, like housing cost, job opportunities, healthcare quality, good education, transportation, entertainment, and essential establishments available.

The good thing is that these factors can be enjoyed in Chandler, AZ, as a suburb in Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler Metropolitan, ensuring an excellent and fun-filled lifestyle for everyone!

But remember that before moving to a new city, getting a real estate agent who can assist and advise you is very important for a hassle-free relocation.

If you have questions or are looking for a seasoned realtor in Arizona, please feel free to book an appointment with our team by calling (480) 888-5272 or sending a message through or any of our social media platforms below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Chandler, AZ, has a high cost of living with an index of 115.7, compared to the overall cost of living index of Arizona, which is 106.4.

It implies that Chandler, in particular, is quite pricey compared to other cities in the state. Currently, the average cost of living in Chandler is $2,447.

Some popular neighborhoods in Chandler include Avian Meadows, Old Stone Ranch, and Pescara.

Summer in Chandler experiences an average daily high temperature of 97°F and above, with July being the hottest.

During July, Chandler has an average temperature of 105°F as the highest and 82°F the lowest.

Chandler is a progressive city with an excellent education, top-notch services and amenities, and solid job opportunities, especially in technology, manufacturing, and health. Compared to other cities in Arizona, luxury homes are quite affordable.

It is also the only city in Arizona that won the 61st annual awards of the National Civic League as an All-America City for all the excellent things the city offers to provide its residents with a sought-after lifestyle.

Definitely! Chandler has excellent schools, parks, a low crime rate, and family-oriented attractions, making it an ideal place for families.

Yes! Chandler is a city that encourages its residents to discover, imagine, and grow. Here are some of the must-visit places in Chandler, AZ, for active recreational activities:

  1. Chandler Community Center
  2. Chandler Nature Center
  3. Tumbleweed Park Recreation Center
  4. KTR Chandler
  5. Uptown Jungle Fun Park
  6. Snedigar Recreation Center
  7. Veterans Oasis Park